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NuPusi, the idea

The core consists of a Content Management System, a Discussion Forum and an Image Gallery.

The current modules are a Document Wiki, an Events Calendar, and a Download Manager.

the core

Nucleus CMS

A CMS that's transparent.

  • Nucleus CMS has a rich set of APIs that enable the creation of plugins to extend it's core functionality.
  • As it's name implies, this nucleus is being used to build logic hooks for bridges to the other apps.


A forum, lightweight in size but an excellent vehicle for discussions.

  • Posts from Nucleus are being fed over to the forum where commenting can take place.


A gallery with sound functionality.

  • The next plugin will be used to manipulate the media gallery.
  • Commenting will happen on the forum as well, one place to house all conversations.

the modules


A wiki with simplicity and speed.

  • An excellent way to gather important documents.
  • Ease collaboration, edit and correct as you read.


A calendar with plenty of functionality.

  • A plugin will be used to schedule events when a story is posted on the CMS.
  • The event won't show on the site's page until a certain date but the future event will appear on the calendar.

Olate Download

A well thought out download manager.

  • An elegant interface for your distributable files.
  • User control with password protection, mirror locations and statistics.
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