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About Olate Download

Olate Download 3 is a complete rewrite of the immensely popular Olate Download 2.2 download management system. Written from scratch using a completely object orientated approach, Olate Download allows you to add a downloads area to your website and control every aspect of it through the administration control panel. Add categories and files, then allow your users to download, comment, and rate them with ease, using the 100% open source Olate Download.


Script Setup

  • Server requirement checker to ensure you have the required features to use Olate Download
  • Simple web based, step by step installation/upgrade system
  • Upgrade from version 2.2 and version 3.x quickly and easily


  • Advanced, permissions based admin area authentication system
  • Adjustable leech protection so you can allow some sites to leech while others can't
  • IP Address restriction so you can allow/block access to the script from certain sources
  • Extensive, multi platform testing to ensure code works on common systems
  • Load testing with hundreds of files, categories and users using unique benchmarking technology
  • Complete code rewrite based around object orientated PHP and classes
  • Advanced error handling system
  • PHP5 & PHP4 Support
  • 100% open source means bugs/problems can be discovered and fixed/announced by anyone, quickly and effectively


  • Add unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Add unlimited downloads with date, file size and description options
  • Download rating, counting and sorting with full listing pagination support
  • Automatic filesize calculation for uploaded files
  • Custom fields
  • File views count
  • MySQL FULLTEXT searching
  • Comments, mirrors and leech protection systems
  • File uploads
  • User file uploads with allowed file extensions list
  • Optional 'Top x Downloads' and 'All Downloads' links
  • Problem reporting system
  • Recommend a file to a friend system with optional email address confirming
  • Files can have license agreements
  • External data feed allowing data to be placed (included) onto non-script pages (RSS)


  • Full templating engine
  • Neutral default layout to enable easy integration into any site
  • Full XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS2 compliant design with complete language support

Admin Area

  • General script configuration
  • Ability to enable and disable non-core options
  • Complete language management system
  • Advanced user and permissions system
  • Prompt to confirm any “dangerous” actions such as deleting a category or file
  • Mirror editing has been made easier
  • Dedicated page for approving files
  • Optional rich-text editor for file descriptions
  • Statistics system
  • Update checker to ensure you have the latest version including 'Latest Version: display


  • Extensive documentation available on website to include manual and installation/upgrade guide
  • Real time development/bug tracker to keep users up to date with known bugs and the progress on new features
  • Free forum based support from a growing community of PHP and web developers as well as the script developers themselves
  • Use of in code comments to explain all complex code allowing anyone to analyse the code - PHP novice and expert alike
  • Stay up to date with a free updates mailing list
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