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NuPusi, the integration

NuPusi is an Open Source project that integrates various PHP applications into a Personal Portal.

NuPusi, the release

Project Version Copyright Documentation
NuPusi 2005.11.27 Bert Garcia Integration

NuPusi, the core

Project Version Copyright PHPCrossRef Documentation
Nucleus CMS 3.22 Wouter Demuynck CrossRef CMS
PunBB 1.2.10 Rickard Andersson CrossRef Forum
singapore 0.9.11 Tamlyn Rhodes CrossRef Gallery

NuPusi, the modules

Project Version Copyright PHPCrossRef Documentation
DokuWiki 2005-09-22 Andreas Gohr CrossRef Documents
WebCalendar 1.0.2 Craig Knudsen CrossRef Calendar
Olate Download 3.4.0 David Mytton CrossRef Downloads

NuPusi, the resurrection

NuPusi was closed on January of 2006, the documentation created for the project remains here for archival purposes.

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