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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a collection of frequently asked and anticipated questions.

General usage

Why can't I login?

There are many possible reasons. The most common reason is that you have simply entered the wrong username or password. Please double-check that you have entered the correct information and try again. If it still doesn't work, you can request a new password by clicking the link “Forgotten your password?” on the login page.

When you enter the correct username and password, you will be redirected to the page on which you clicked the “Login” link. If you find that after being redirected you are still not logged in, the problem is almost certainly related to cookies. PunBB relies on cookies to determine if you are logged in or not. Make sure that your browser it setup to accept cookies. If you are still unable to login, you should contact an administrator of the forums you are having problems with.

Does PunBB support BBCode and if so, how do I use it?

Yes, PunBB supports BBCode. It supports a subset of the tags that are present in many other bulletin boards. The tags supported by PunBB are bold, underline, italic, color, url, email, img, quote and code. Usage instructions can be found in the script help.php. Links to this script can be found next to text areas that allow BBCode (e.g. when posting a message).


I keep seeing messages like "Bad HTTP_REFERER". How can I get rid of them?

When a script in PunBB receives form data, it checks the CGI variable HTTP_REFERER (misspelled in the HTTP standard) to make sure that the form was submitted from the correct script. The check is only made for administrators and moderators. The referrer check is a security mechanism that prevents malicious users from deceiving administrators and moderators by silently and invisibly submitting a form from an external page to one of the scripts in PunBB.

The referrer check can fail for a number of reasons. The check relies on the variable “Base URL” from the options page in the admin interface. If “Base URL” is not correctly set, the referrer check will fail. It is also vital that you visit the forums by entering the exact URL found in “Base URL” into your browsers address bar. If “Base URL” is set to and you visit the forums by going to (note the www part), the check will fail.

Another common reason for the check to fail is that you are browsing the forum through a proxy or firewall of some sort that is stripping HTTP_REFERER from all requests. Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall are known to strip HTTP_REFERER in its default setup. Some popup/ad stoppers are also known to do this (most of them don't though).

Note: You can find information on how to setup Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall to not strip referrer information at the following addresses: 2002 and earlier and 2003 and 2004.

How do I grant a user moderator access to a certain forum?

The first step is to move the user user to the moderators group. This can be done in the user's profile under “Administration”.

The next step is to give the new moderator access rights to one or more forums. This is also done in the user's profile. Just below the drop-down menu we just used, you will find a list of forums together with a checkbox. Select the forums you want to grant the user moderator access to and click “Update forums”. The user is now a moderator and can edit and delete posts and topics in the forums you selected.

Avatar uploads don't work. What could be wrong?

In order for avatar uploads to work, the user account under which the webserver runs must have write permissions to the avatar directory. In UNIX (or UNIX-like) operating systems, this is usually done via the command “chmod”. Most FTP clients have support for this and it is usually done by right-clicking the directory and selecting something along the lines of “Attributes” or “Permissions”. If you don't know what values to enter, try 0777 (or just 777 if you can only enter three digits).

I get a message saying "Unable to write configuration cache file to cache directory". What's wrong?

Similar to avatar upload, where PunBB needs to be able to write to the avatar directory, PunBB needs to be able to write to the cache directory. See the above question for details.

People using Internet Explorer 6 are unable to login. Why?

The problem is related to how Internet Explorer 6 handles third party cookies. A first party cookie is a cookie that originates from the host domain, whereas a third party cookie originates from another domain. The problem arises when a website utilizes some form of domain redirect or frame-based redirect service. I.e. a service that redirects the user to the real location instead of pointing directly at it. The best solution to the problem is to not use such a domain redirect service and use a “real” domain instead. However, a quick fix that seems to work most of the time can be found in the script include/functions.php. Search for P3P and follow the instructions.

I've set the forum into maintenance mode and I'm logged out. How do I turn it off?

Copy/upload the script turn_off_maintenance_mode.php from the directory extras/ into the forum root directory and run it through your browser. A message will appear when the operation has completed. Don't forget to remove the script from the forum root directory when finished.

What's this "DEBUG mode" and how do I enable it?

“DEBUG mode” can be used to display more detailed error messages in case of failure. These error messages can be helpful when tracking down the cause of the failure. When “DEBUG mode” is enabled, PunBB will also display the script generation time and the number of SQL queries executed for every page. This information will be displayed in the page footer.

To enable “DEBUG mode”, open up the file include/common.php in a text editor and locate the line that starts with “//define('PUN_DEBUG', 1);”. It it located at the very top of the file below the software license preamble. Then remove the two slashes in the beginning of the line and save/upload the script. Once you've solved the problem, it is recommended that “DEBUG mode” be turned off again (just add the two slashes again).

Is it possible to have more than one "Base URL"?

No, it's not. However, there is extremely seldom a need to have more than one. The need often arises when you access your forums through one URL externally and one URL internally. The internal URL is often the IP address or the name of the computer that runs the webserver. The problem is easily solved by editing your hosts file. The hosts file contains a list of IP addresses and host names. If you haven't made any changes to it earlier, it unsually only contains the IP address and the hostname localhost. If you enter http://localhost/ into your browsers adress field, your operating system will first check the hosts file to see if localhost can be found in there. If it finds it, it will navigate to the IP address instead of trying to look up the host name localhost with traditional DNS. So, what you want to do is to add a line to this file with the IP address of the webserver and the hostname that you use to access your server externally. If the host name for your forums is and the IP address of the webserver is, you would add the line:

The hosts file is located in different locations depending on what operating system you run. Here's a list of where the file can usually be found in a few operating systems:

  • Windows 95/98/ME: c:\windows\hosts
  • Windows NT/2000/XP: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • Linux/UNIX: /etc/hosts

Once you've added the line to your hosts file, you can set your “Base URL” to and use that URL to access your forums externally as well as internally.

I've updated the database manually, but the changes have no effect. What's up?

In order to decrease the load on the database server, PunBB caches parts of the database to PHP scripts in the cache/ directory. If you've made manual changes to any of the tables bans, config, categories, forums or ranks, the cached data might have to be updated. To do this, simply delete all PHP scripts in the cache/ directory. PunBB will regenerate them when it needs them.

Modifications and site integration

How do I add more smilies to my forums?

Adding more smilies to your forums is not difficult, but it involves editing one of the scripts that comes with PunBB. Here's a step-by-step instruction. Having very basic knowledge of PHP or programming in general is recommended.

  1. Copy the smilies you want to add/change to into the directory img/smilies/.
  2. Open up the file include/parser.php in a text editor and locate the line that starts with “// Here you can add additional smilies if you like” (it's almost at the top of the file). There you will find two PHP arrays - $smiley_text and $smiley_img. $smiley_text contains the character combinations for the smileys (e.g. :D or :rolleyes:) and $smiley_img contains the filenames of the smiley images (e.g. big_smile.png or roll.png).
  3. For every new smiley that you want to add, add a character combination to $smiley_text and a filename to $smiley_img. Please note that you must escape the character ' (singlequote) with a backslash if you use it in any of your smilies (e.g. ':rock\'n\'roll:'). Singlequote must be escaped so that PHP can understand that it is not the end of the string, but a character in the string. The same goes for backslash. If your smiley contains a backslash, just must escape that backslash with another backslash (e.g. ':\\').
  4. Once you've added your smileys above, you should pay attention to the row below the smiley arrays. It says that if any of your smilies contain any of the characters &, “, ', < or >, you must uncomment the row thereafter.
  5. Finally save/upload the file and try it out. A list of all installed smilies can be found at the bottom of the help text in help.php.

If you get a PHP error message stating that it encountered a “Parse error”, you probably forgot to escape a singlequote or backslash character in the $smiley_text array.

How can I use smilies of different sizes than 15x15 pixels?

To use non-15×15 pixel smilies, you must prevent PunBB from adding the width=“15” and height=“15” attributes to img tags. This can be done by editing include/parser.php in a text editor. Open up the file and search for:

width="15" height="15"

The text should be somewhere around line 260. Then replace the values with a width and height of your choice. If you want to use smilies of varying sizes, remove the attributes completely.

For this purpose, PunBB has a simple template system. The template files are located in include/template/. There are five templates - main.tpl, admin.tpl, help.tpl, maintenance.tpl and redirect.tpl. The file main.tpl contains the template for almost all pages that are displayed in the forum, admin.tpl is the template for the admin interface, help.php is for the help screen, maintenance.tpl is the template for the message page that is displayed when the forum is put in maintenance mode, and finally the file redirect.tpl is used to display the redirect pages e.g. when logging in or when posting a message.

The templates contain variables that are replaced with actual content when a page is displayed. All variables in PunBB are enclosed in less-than and more-than signs (< and >). For example, the variable for the title of the forums is called <pun_title>. When PunBB displays the index page, it reads the file main.tpl and replaces <pun_title> with the title of the forums. There are 11 replacement variables in main.tpl.

If you want to customize the look of PunBB so that it fits the design of other pages on your website, it is primarily the template files you should edit. For example, if you wanted to add your own logo at the top of all forum pages, you would edit main.tpl and add markup for displaying your logo at the appropriate position in the file. It is possible to include PHP scripts from the templates. See the next FAQ entry for more info on that.

Is it possible to include my own PHP scripts in the templates?

Yes. PunBB has a special replacement variable called pun_include for including scripts in the templates. For example, if you wanted to include a script called banner.php at the bottom of all forum pages, you would place the script in include/user/ and add the following to your template files:

<pun_include "banner.php">

The script banner.php must be located in the user include directory mentioned above. PunBB will execute the script and the pun_include variable will be replaced by any output that the script produces. Please note that all included scripts have access to the PunBB variables, so if you e.g. wanted to access the database, you could use the $db object just like the rest of PunBB does. Replacement of the pun_include variable is the last thing that PunBB does when it outputs a page, so you don't have to worry about not using variable names that PunBB uses.

I want to display information from the forums on my website's front page. How can I do this?

The script extern.php found in the forum root directory can output various bits of information from the forums. See Developer Information for more information.

Does PunBB provide RSS feeds for recent discussions?

Yes. The script extern.php found in the forum root directory can produce RSS 0.91 feeds on recent discussions. See Developer Information for more information.

I've developed a modification for PunBB and I want to release it to the public. What do I do now?

Visit the downloads page and download the Mod SDK. It contains a text file with instructions, a template for the readme file (all mods have a readme.txt) and a template for a mod installation script (if needed).

For more information about PunBB modding, visit the PunBB Resource.

Ok to end the debate I have been forced to release this mod, however I don't agree with it :P

open parser.php, find line 273 or thereabouts

return '<a href="'.$full_url.'">'.$link.'</a>';

replace with

return '<a href="'.$full_url.'" onclick="; return false;">'.$link.'</a>';

find line 284 or thereabouts

$img_tag = '<a href="'.$url.'">&lt;'.$lang_common['Image link'].'&gt;</a>';

replace with

$img_tag = '<a href="'.$url.'" onclick="; return false;">&lt;'.$lang_common['Image link'].'&gt;</a>';

I think thats it but I'm not sure, and its valid (even if its not really correct).

License and copyright

What license is PunBB released under?

PunBB is released under The GNU General Public License. In short terms this means that PunBB is free to download, use, distribute, modify and even charge for. However, if any of these modifications are released to the public, that code must also be released under the same license as PunBB.

Yes, but please don't. If you must, please try to keep at least “Powered by PunBB” with the link to intact.

Yes, but you may not alter the original copyright in such a way that it loses it's original “meaning”. It must, in other words, be absolutely clear who is the copyright holder of PunBB. Adding an additional line with your copyright notice is OK.

No. The copyright notice in all the source files must be left intact. Any modification or removal of this copyright is illegal under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

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