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Forum Features

Features for the PunBB Forum as of version (1.2.14)

Current Features

  • Very fast loading
  • Light on web server resources
  • Not cluttered with unneeded features
  • Simple layout and design
  • Easy to administrate and moderate
  • Doesn't output huge, non-valid, HTML pages
  • Has source code you can read and understand

Planned Features

  • New markup and CSS
  • Search engine optimized “Fancy URLs” via mod rewrite
  • Proper extension support - Extend the functionality without touching a line of PunBB's PHP code
  • New topic read marking system
  • Improved syndication - Feeds extended to include individual topics. Also feeds in the form of Atom and XML format
  • Post moderation queue
  • Multiple moderator groups
  • Per-style templates - It will be possible to have one set of templates per style
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