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About singapore

singapore is an open source, multilingual, template-driven image gallery web application… quite a mouthful! It is written in PHP and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Who works on PunBB?

What is singapore?

What makes singapore different from the hundreds of other similar scripts is that it was originaly conceived for displaying photographic art in an aesthetically pleasing fashion using a clean, uncluttered interface. Now, though, its powerful templating system allows you to display your images in pretty much any way that takes your fancy.

singapore aims to adhere to the KISS philosophy by including only the features that are actually useful. It does NOT require MySQL or other database programs since all image information is stored in flat text CSV files. However if you do have access to MySQL there is a backend that allows you to use it.

Where is singapore being used?

Visit the Show off forum in singapore's user support forum.

When was singapore introduced?

singapore reached a stable state with 0.9.11 on 2004-12-15.

Why singapore?

I started singapore about four years ago because I just couldn’t find any existing solutions that fulfilled my requirements. I’ve put a lot of work into it since but it’s been great having people really appreciate my work in an area that my real world friends & family just don’t understand.

However before starting your own project do put some serious thought into whether your efforts wouldn’t be better used improving an existing solution. Building something from scratch is easy to start with but once you release it into the wild you’ll come across all kinds of crazy problems. Chances are an existing project will already have encountered these and resolved most them.

Tamlyn Rhodes

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