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Gallery Features

Features for the singapore Gallery as of version (0.10.1)

Current Features

  • Flexible modes of operation:
    • Can store image info in a MySQL database (fast), or
    • Can store image info in CSV files on server (no database), or
    • Can store image info in directory and file names (no setup), or
    • Can function without any extra image info.
  • Multi language support (over 25 translations currently available)
  • Fully template-driven with several templates available for download
  • Very easy setup
  • Easy to integrate into existing website
  • Web based admin to add, delete & edit images and galleries
  • Automatically generates thumbnails (requires GD or ImageMagick)
  • Generated thumbnails are cached and statically linked for increased speed
  • XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0 compatible output only (no JavaScript and no cookies)
  • Images may be loaded from a different server
  • Image and gallery viewing statistics
  • Theoretically unlimited depth of nested sub-galleries
  • User defined image information such as location taken, camera used etc.
  • Clear, logical, commented object oriented code makes it easy to modify and customize

Planned Features

  • Alternate gallery views (small thumbnails, large thumbnails, details list etc.)
  • User comments/rating of images
  • Web based script configuration
  • Custom thumbnail creation and management online
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