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Key to symbols:
+ added
- removed
* fixed
o changed

A complete and up-to-date CVS changelog is available online.

0.10.1 - 2006-09-20

* fixed template security issue
+ access control settings are inherited by child galleries
* fixed image hits total
o updated modern template (see separate changelog)

0.10.0 - 2006-05-17

o code is now more object oriented and easier to understand
+ added safe_mode hack using FTP
+ can move & copy galleries in admin
+ can batch delete images and galleries in admin
o thumbnails and logs stored in each gallery
+ thumbnails created on page load and statically linked
+ ancestor metadata is parsed for crumb line
o removed leading ./ from gallery id in urls
+ next and previous gallery links
+ 'up' links to correct page of parent gallery
* base_path and base_url are no longer overwritten by external.php
* fixed eastern european characters in data fields
* fixed new lines in summary field
* fixed image resizing bug when image size equals maxsize
* fixed imagemagick v6.x support
* fixed session.auto_start bug (aka login loop)
* fixed XSS vulnerability in template & language flippers
+ added sort by date field to galleries
o rewritten hit logging code
o added explicit chmod's instead of relying on umask
o new admin error handling in preparetion for our new admin backend 

0.9.11 - 2004-12-15

+ added SQL abstraction backend with support for MySQL and SQLite
o changed IO class hierarchy
o streamlined install process
+ separated editprofile from edituser
* fixed multiple vulnerabilities (thanks to SIG^2)
+ added allow_dir_upload config option

0.9.10 - 2004-10-20

+ implemented full multi-user support with permissions
+ reindex metadata feature in admin for importing ftp'd images
+ language and template are now user-selectable on-the-fly
+ language may be auto-detected from user agent headers
+ summary field now used instead of description field
o introduced new streamlined admin template with quicklinks
o tidied up css classes and annotated the default stylesheet
* fixed md5 dictionary attack vulnerability by hiding user account details
* fixed security issue with back-references in arguments to thumb.php
o made thumb.php reject files with extensions not in recognised_extensions
o changed base_file config option to index_file_url
o changed language config option to default_language
o changed template_name config option to default_template
+ new external.php file for integrating singapore into existing layouts

0.9.9b - 2004-08-08

* fixed image size calculation (again)

0.9.9a - 2004-06-11

* fixed multi-page galleries bug in templates
* fixed XHTML compliance
* fixed image size calculation
* possibly other things

0.9.9 - 2004-05-15

+ added multi-image upload using ZIP files
+ added fixed size and aspect ratio thumbnail creation
* fixed umask functionality (thanks to afuhrmann)
+ added navigation by clickable image map
+ added upload_overwrite config option
o moved url generation into separate function(s) (acsissman)
+ enabled use of mod_rewrite with appropriate .htaccess (acsissman)
+ added progressive jpeg option (thanks to joeforker)
o moved i18n functions into separate class
* made site navigation links xhtml compatible
* fixed special characters in filenames under ImageMagick *again*?
o introduced consistent 'gallery>album>image' naming scheme
o GD2 used as default thumbnail_software (GD1 support unaffected)

0.9.8 - 2004-01-06

+ automatic recognition of most URLs in 'description' field
+ do not process directories starting with dot (.)
+ enabled navigation bar in supporting browsers (e.g. mozilla, opera)
o made 'artist - name' iifn parsing optional
* fixed bizarre sort order in admin mode
* use htmlspecialchars instead of htmlentities
* fixed using special chars in filenames when magic_quotes_gpc is on (again)
* fixed code that produced 'Notice' level errors with PHP 5

0.9.7 - 2003-11-17

+ added forced image resizing to fixed size
+ added rudimentary image and gallery sort ordering
* fixed multi-page galleries listings
* fixed zero-width thumbnails for failed uploads
+ added a few functions useful for templates
+ added .jpe extension
o changed details array format
+ added basePath parameter to allow removed instantiation of singapore class
o fixed some untranslated strings in admin mode
* maybe fixed using special chars in filenames when magic_quotes_gpc is on
+ added back-reference check to prevent file-system walking
o merged __g functionality into _g and _ng

0.9.6 - 2003-08-15

o code entirely reorganised and largely re-written into classes
+ multilanguage (i18n) support
o interface is template driven
+ per-gallery and per-template configuration files
+ nested gallery support (unlimited depth)
+ crumb line for easier navigation
* all image and gallery names are now urlencoded
+ many new config options

0.9.5 - 2003-05-31

* fixed GD2 support in thumb.php (0.9.4a always used GD1)
- removed secret string option
+ added config options for admin session name (allows multiple installs on same server), 
  path to convert (ImageMagick), remove jpeg profile (ImageMagick), 
  character encoding & site name (page title)
o execution_timer off by default and default galleries per page set to 10
+ thumb.php always uses fopen on remote files (now works on windows)
+ more checks in test.php including ImageMagick support and bugfix #743954 (upload_tmp_dir)

0.9.4a - 2003-05-16

+ added PNG and GIF support under GD (GIF only with compatible versions of GD)
+ added PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and support from pretty much every 
  other file type under ImageMagick
+ more checks in test.php
* fixed image counting in iifn mode
* fixed show_image_name_in_thumbnail_view
+ images link back to correct page of gallery (second link)

0.9.4 - 2003-05-13

o changed config to ini file + global config object
o changed directory structure (moved documentation into docs/, moved writable files into data/)
+ gallery (thumbnail) view shows more information
+ gallery (thumbnail) view can show image name under thumbnail (off by default)
+ gallery (list) view shows number of images in gallery
+ implemented random thumbnail image in gallery (list) view
+ added test.php and setup.php (not very useful yet)
* fixed handling of gallery_thumb_number config option
* password change bug
* remote file thumbnail generation with ImageMagick

0.9.3 - 2003-05-10

+ web admin can add and delete images and galleries
+ added GD 2 and ImageMagic thumbnail generation support
* does not generate any E_NOTICE errors anymore
+ added config option for generated thumbnail JPEG quality
* handles extended characters in gallery and image names (Piotr)
* fixed 'images link back to correct page of gallery'
+ added directory_mode and file_mode options
* track_views and show_views now work independently
o admin bar now visible everywhere when logged in

0.9.2 - 2003-04-27

* fixed non-expiration of admin sessions in some cases
+ added purge cached thumbnails option
+ new 'XP' theme
* fixed hit logging functions
+ added image hit log viewing in admin mode
+ images link back to correct page of gallery
o optimised config.php
* fixed some css issues

0.9.1 - 2003-04-23

o changed database format
+ added visible database fields for artist email, darkroom manipulation and
  digital manipulation
+ added invisible (control) database fields for thumbnail, owner, groups and categories
o put header and footer code into separate files
+ implemented limited themeing support
+ added config options for custom paths to cache, galleries, logs, themes, 
  header, footer and custom css
o improved navigation in admin mode
+ added optional script execution timer
* fixed proliferation of newlines in 'desc' field
* fixed wrongly escaped characters when saving info

0.9a - 2003-04-13

+ added much better documentation

0.9 - 2003-03-30

+ admin section (allows editing image and gallery info)
+ nicer gallery list layout
+ filename parser for if no metadata file found
o split into separate include files for io operations, ui generation etc
* fixed some css issues
+ lots of other little things

0.0 (unnumbered version) - 2003-03-29

o first release under GPL
+ everything
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