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Installation Instructions

Instructions for the installation of the singapore gallery and for upgrading from previous versions.


  1. Extract all the files in the archive, conserving the directory hierarchy, and upload everything to your web server.
  2. If you wish to change any path settings or use one of the SQL backends, make the necessary changes to singapore.ini. If you don't know why you might want to do this then you don't need to do it.
  3. Set file permissions. The directories that need to be made writable are:
    • data/ and all subdirectories and files
    • galleries/ and all subdirectories and files
  4. Point your browser to the install/ directory and follow the instructions.
  5. Delete the install/ directory to prevent unauthorised access.
  6. Log into the admin section and change the password. The username is admin and the default password is password.
  7. You're ready to roll!
  • Have a browse through singapore.ini and look at the available options. Each option has comments explaining its function. For most purposes the default values will be fine but you may be able to tweak them to your benefit. See also overriding default settings.
  • Change the gallery styling:
    • Make your own header image (templates/default/images/header.gif) with the name of your site.
    • Edit the default style sheet (templates/default/main.css) to integrate it with your site.
    • Browse the pre-existing templates available for singapore on the templates page.
    • Create your own template be editing an existing one. There is currently no documentation on this topic but anyone with a basic grasp of PHP should be able to work it out. Visit the templates forum for help and advice.


Always back-up first!

A patch is also available for people wishing only to fix the security problem.

Upgrading is usually just a matter of unzipping the new version over the old. Your galleries, images, metadata will not be affected but the admin password will be reset and the root ini file (singapore.ini) will be overwritten. The location of log files and thumbnail cache has changed in this version. See the forum for instructions on copying your old logs over to their new location. You can keep your old users.csv.php file. When new configuration options are added you will need to either add these to your old singapore.ini or re-edit the new singapore.ini in order to keep your personal settings. You may want to use a file difference utility such as WinMerge to merge the differences.

The default templates will also be overwritten in an upgrade. For this reason it is advisable to copy the default template to a new directory when making customizations.


Server generated content may be owned by the web server and it may therefore not be possible to delete these files via ftp. Use the cleanup script, in the tools subdirectory, to make all server-generated files world writable. This should allow you to delete them like any other file.

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