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TxPun - Open Source Website Framework

TxPun is a framework for web users.

All too often frameworks target the programmer leaving the web user with rudimentary skills in the dark. Setting up a personal website should be as easy as learning to use an FTP client.

The Core

The Open Source projects comprising the Core:

  • Textpattern – a very light CMS with powerful features and extensible via plugins.
  • PunBB – a Forum that is light on resources but can handle the volume when called upon.
  • singapore – a Gallery with just the right features that it’s only limits are your disk space.

The Modules

The Open Source projects available as Modules:

  • SimplePie - a PHP class for reading RSS and Atom syndication feeds.
  • DokuWiki - a Wiki with simple syntax and fast operation for your documentation needs.

The Roadmap

Via plugins, extensions and CSS magic, the roadmap is:

  • One login name/password, the Forum will hold the main user base.
  • Commenting will be handled by the Forum, whether originating from the CMS or Gallery.
  • Similar template/style/theme throughout, at least a good starting point for your site.
  • One install process encompassing the chosen projects using one MySQL database with table prefixes.

When packaged, TxPun Core will be a 500KB download.

TxPun © 2006-2007 Bert Garcia

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