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Bert Garcia

hcgtv IT veteran of 37 years, helping businesses and individuals discover the power of Open Source.


My interest lies in dynamic Web applications,

  • PHPCrossRef - PHP Cross Reference Library
  • We Love TXP - A design gallery dedicated to showcasing TXP sites
  • TXP Make - PHP in templates is so last decade
  • TXP Themes - Built upon the mobile friendly Bootstrap framework
  • TXP Tags - Template Tags, the content components, the conditionals
  • TXP Planet - News of the flexible, elegant and easy-to-use CMS
  • TXP CMS - Textpattern + Bootstrap, a workframe
  • iHype - Don't drink the Kool-Aid

specifically PHP based with the content stored in a MySQL database.

  • NuPusi, the integration
  • TxPun - Open Source Website Framework
  • TxPide - Textpattern Themes

Open Source

I’ve contributed to various Open Source projects by participating and manning the user forums,

building and maintaining community sites,

writing documentation and beta testing.

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